Give your customers peace-of-mind that transactions are being monitored for unusual activity.  PayLOGICS will automatically monitor transactions in real-time and alert you to suspicious activity and allow personnel to decision suspect transactions.  Your auditors will also appreciate the extra attention you give to your payment channels through PayLOGICS.



​ACH Anomaly Detection


  • Detect ACH variances in:

    • Expected time period for submission

    • Expected effective date

    • Batch total

    • Batch count

    • Transaction amount

    • Change in transaction ABA

    • Account number change


Wire Anomaly Detection

  • Detect Wire variances in:

    • Wire Amount

    • New Receiver

    • New Beneficiary

    • Wires going to a foreign country

    • Time of day

    • Wire values

About Aptys

Norcross, GA-based Aptys Solutions provides electronic payment services to over 2,800 financial institutions worldwide. Aptys’ PayLOGICS suite of products provide origination, processing, and fraud tools for check, ACH, and wire payments and serves as a clearinghouse of transactions providing least cost routing.  Aptys helps increase overall efficiencies while reducing expenses associated with processing electronic payments.

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