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Beyond Technology

The tag line on our logo reads:  Beyond Technology.  Why is that?  Yes, Aptys is a technology company but what sets us apart from others is our collaborative relationship with customers.   Regular contact with customers provides Aptys with key communication to understand their needs as well as to give customers an opportunity to provide direction on our product development and functionality.


Beyond Technology also means customer support.  The Aptys team is dedicated to your success.  We understand that if our customers are successful (and happy), then Aptys will be successful (and happy).  Because our people have been in your shoes, they know that 5:00 PM does not mean quitting time… it means that the call coming in at 5:00 PM requires immediate attention.  It also means we will be there for you at midnight if that is what you need to make sure you are ready for the next day.  That is why we include 24-hour support for all our customers.

“What makes Aptys unique and special is that not only is PayLOGICS such a great solution to work with, but that Aptys is very responsive to our needs and supporting our team.  They listen to their clients and are always ready, 24 x 7, to help us with anything.  As a correspondent services provider, we believe that understanding the client and providing unparalleled service is the priority in building lasting client relationships and we expect the same from our strategic partners.  It’s hard to find an organization today that has the level of commitment to client values and customer support that Aptys embodies every day.”

David Jordan, Chief Correspondent Operations Officer, ServisFirst Bank

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