Built for today's virtual check operations, PayLOGICS offers an image cash letter (ICL) in-clearing and out-clearing solution designed specifically for today’s image cash letter world. It will drive revenue growth by automating the aggregation and least cost routing of transactions. PayLOGICS will automate processing through rules-based business logic to collect items from wherever they are first captured (i.e., teller, branch, remote deposit, or mobile remote deposit). It will also create image cash letter files, assign endpoints, perform image exchange, and create posting files, while providing a sophisticated online reconciliation tool. 

The system allows the FI to easily create an unlimited number of virtual sort patterns. They can also perform least cost routing in a virtual and decentralized back office that’s flexible and meets the needs of any FI as changes occur. 

Image Cash Letter Module

  • ICL processing for Transit Items, Inclearing and Returns

  • File validation

  • File / item duplicate checking

  • Item / image validation

  • Sophisticated IQA engine

  • Endpoint routing

  • INEX (In-network Exchange)
  • DIREX (Direct exchange)

  • X9.37 Compliant

  • Inclearing file management and delivery

  • Real-time file and posting reconciliation

Exceptions and Adjustments Module

  • Derive adjustments

  • Adjustment processing

  • INEX and DIREX ICL adjustment processing

  • ICL exception handling:

    • ICL exception repair

    • ICL de-duplicating

    • MICR line edits

    • Image correction

  • Exception management queue

  • Aggregated Returns

ICL Active Archive

  • Transaction history

  • Complex query and export

  • Derive returns and adjustments

  • API for online banking check image call