Person-to-Person (P2P)

As a trusted payments solution provider, Aptys now offers a person-to-person (P2P) mobile payments solution for community financial institutions.  PayMōli is a brandable app that links your customers to you for P2P payments through their mobile device.  You and your customers will love it!

With PayMōli, it’s simple for FI customers to send money to anyone, anytime, using their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet—and for FIs to keep their customer's money at the FI, protected in their existing account. PayMōli is a safe, easy to implement, and cost effective for mobile P2P for community FI's.

For Community FI's:

PayMōli gives you the product offering to compete in today's fast moving, technology driven digital payments market.  Hosted by Aptys in our world-class data center, PayMōli's turnkey design and connection to faster payments rails give you the solution your customers are looking for through their trusted financial partner. Contact Aptys to find out how we can help you offer this solution today.

For Correspondent FI's:

Designed to allow correspondent service providers to offer to their respondent FI's, PayMōli can be integrated with your existing payment processing channel— enabling your community FIs to be nimble and work smarter while offering a new payment technology for customers.  PayMōli can help you create a new revenue stream without adding significant overhead and will ensure your customers keep looking to you as their payments partner.

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About Aptys

Norcross, GA-based Aptys Solutions provides electronic payment services to over 2,800 financial institutions worldwide. Aptys’ PayLOGICS suite of products provide origination, processing, and fraud tools for check, ACH, and wire payments and serves as a clearinghouse of transactions providing least cost routing.  Aptys helps increase overall efficiencies while reducing expenses associated with processing electronic payments.

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