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Aptys:  Connected, Fitted, Fastened Together

What is in the meaning of a name?  Aptys is a Latin word that means connected, fitted and fastened together, but it has a dual meaning for our team:

  1. Aptys is closely "connected" to our customers.  We are constantly collaborating with customers to ensure we are meeting their needs and looking ahead to changes in the industry.  We selected our development style to be quickly "fitted" to our customers' requirements and adjust to changing market needs.  Customers and Aptys work side-by-side to bring to market the best product in the industry.

  2. Aptys has successfully "fastened together" all payments into a single solution.  PayLOGICS' powerful suite of products provide a new way of managing payments.  By fastening payments into a single solution, customers can take advantage of reduced operational costs and can offer superior service to customers.

Aptys Solutions is connected, fitted and fastened together as no other vendor you have ever worked with.

"Bankers’ Bank has been working closely with Aptys Solutions since 2010, when we asked for a custom communications software system to be developed.  Creating a unique and complex solution has been a huge undertaking—but our staff and our customer banks are enjoying the benefits!!  We regularly hear about the simple and clean look of the screens and the friendly user interface, while providing time sensitive and high dollar processing for a variety of financial transactions.  Using Aptys Solutions' PayLOGICS suite allows us to automate much of our processing and address any exceptions quickly.  The system continues to be enhanced and we look forward to working with the people and technology that will allow us a lead position in our changing industry."

Wendy Stanford

Senior Vice President

Bankers' Bank

Madison, WI

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