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Privacy Policy

Aptys Solutions is committed to privacy and implements standard processes and tools to protect the sensitive information of our customers’ as well as those of Aptys Solutions. Legal requirements and best practices necessitate we collect some information to be able to successfully provide our services.
Aptys acknowledges that access to information about your business and your customers as well as other data that is considered confidential is necessary. Aptys considers this information as confidential and handles it with the same care and protection as our own data. Unless compelled by lawful order from a federal, state, or local entity with legal authority, Aptys will not disclose any confidential information without prior written consent. Upon receipt of a lawful order to disclose information, Aptys will notify customers in advance unless the order strictly prohibits any advance notice.
Customers, not Aptys, own the information and data regardless of whether our solution is installed in-house or hosted by Aptys.  As such, Aptys customers control how the data is used, maintained, and stored to  provide services to their clients. If customer data cannot be obtained through normal methods available in the Aptys products, Aptys will work with you to make available the requested data from the system.  
For in-house customers, Aptys will collaborate with you to implement the methods necessary to protect sensitive data used by our products. We recognize that customers have the obligation and responsibility to establish a secure environment to comply with industry standards and that best fits your business requirements.  
For hosted customers, Aptys complies with industry standards and employs industry-leading methods necessary to protect the data used by our products.  Upon request, Aptys will provide details about  the solutions used to secure and protect your data. Aptys maintains the right to identify and implement the best solutions to fulfill our business data protection obligations for our hosted solutions.

Last update: April 2019

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