“In our business, adjustments and processing must be strong, and that strength can be found within the PayLOGICS system.”

Sheila Noll, EVP, Chief Operations Officer Midwest Independent Bank


PayLOGICS enables financial institutions to process, originate, archive and reconcile all payment types using just ONE system. PayLOGICS automatically applies least-cost routing, OFAC, Anomaly Detection, and payment validation. FI’s can work faster, smarter and more cost effectively, while embracing emerging payment types without having to retrofit them to pre-existing systems.

Through PayLOGICS, financial institutions have the ability to consolidate payments systems across their enterprise. By providing ONE multi-client, multi-tenant, end-to-end platform to create, aggregate, process, and deliver all payment transactions, Aptys is able to deliver lower operating costs to financial institutions. 

About Aptys

Norcross, GA-based Aptys Solutions provides electronic payment services to over 2,800 financial institutions worldwide. Aptys’ PayLOGICS suite of products provide origination, processing, and fraud tools for check, ACH, and wire payments and serves as a clearinghouse of transactions providing least cost routing.  Aptys helps increase overall efficiencies while reducing expenses associated with processing electronic payments.

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