Simplifying Electronic Payments

Remember back when a financial institution's only option was to have separate, dedicated systems for each of their payment channels?  Unfortunately, many financial institutions managing legacy payment systems today are still operating under this antiquated system.


Compare it to PC office suites of yesteryear.  It seems almost bizarre now to look back at the early days of computers and see different companies providing different solutions to make up the PC office suite.  There was no inter-operability.  Each solution was purchased separately from various vendors.  Each had separate requirements that sometimes conflicted with each other.  Yet, this is exactly what many financial institutions struggle with today. They try to effectively manage various payment solutions for ACH, Wire, and Check while simultaneously trying to reduce operating costs. It is an exercise in futility.

What they need is Aptys Solutions.  Technology has changed and improved over the past five, ten, fifteen years.  Aptys Solutions leverages new technology capabilities to streamline payment operations through a single solution.  PayLOGICS simplifies electronic payment management by combining check, ACH, and wire into a single, end-to-end, payment suite that centralizes payment operation for all payment channels.  And because the PayLOGICS suite is designed in an intuitive modular approach, customers pick and choose the functionality they need to replace without disrupting all payment channels at once.  With over 40 payment enhancing modules, customers can hand-pick the modules needed to replace existing functionality and integrate with their other payment infrastructure.

With PayLOGICS, customers not only reduce operational costs, but are able to provide enhanced customer support, better monitor risk and reduce fraud.

“Because of our growth, we were looking for the right solution that would not only provide enhanced capability to our current members, but also position MY CU Services as a leader of electronic payment services to the credit union industry. PayLOGICS becomes the foundation for future growth and provides new payment services to our members.” 


Drew Kishbaugh. President/CEO of MY CU Services