The next generation of ACH payments is here!

PayLOGICS now makes it possible to offer an end-to-end, straight-through, ACH solution that automates all of the required work to comply with regulations.  Added security, risk management, and anomaly detection tools provide means without disrupting normal workflows to safeguard the ACH payment channel for your customers in a single, simple, solution.  PayLOGICS ACH modules include:

ACH Orgination

  • Web-based ACH Origination or ACH File upload

  • Create ACH templates

  • Same-day ACH notification

  • Origination limits

Schedule Transactions

  • Schedule recurring transactions

  • Automated processing

  • Auto-approve/release

ACH Processing

  • Aggregate ACH batches

  • ACH Dashboard

  • Validate transactions

  • Flexible processing calendar

  • OFAC checking

ACH Warehouse

  • Warehouse transaction in workflow

  • Effective-date monitoring and automated delivery to the Fed

  • Warehouse reconciliation

ACH Credit Risk Monitoring

  • Credit-limit and Dollar-limit monitoring

  • Rolling credit exposure monitoring

  • Offset management

  • Returns tracking and reporting

  • SEC code restrictions

ACH Anomaly Detection

  • Detect variances in:

    • Expected time period for submission

    • Expected effective date

    • Batch total

    • Batch count

    • Transaction amount

    • Change in transaction ABA

    • Account number change